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Dependable Garage Spring Repair Service

Dependable Garage Spring Repair Service

Urban Garage Door Company offers superior garage spring repair and replacement services. Garage door springs are an important part of a modern door to a garage. They facilitate the lifting action to let you park the car inside the garage. Counter-balancing must be maintained for the door to open and close by being fully-extended or fully-contracted. If this counter-balancing is not maintained, closing and lifting the door will be almost impossible.

Both commercial and residential garage doors come with a form of a spring mechanism. This mechanism aids the closing and opening of the garage doors. And, this counter-balance mechanism is very crucial in the overall operation of a garage door.

Modern garage doors come with different spring systems to enhance the lifting of even the heaviest doors with minimal effort. Additionally, automatic openers lower the burden of lifting a garage door manually. Therefore, a faulty garage door spring can cause many problems.

Luckily, Urban Garage Door Company can repair or replace your faulty garage door springs. Just give us a call to request a free repair estimate or schedule a consultation appointment.

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Custom Garage Spring Repair

We repair different types of garage door springs. Whether your garage door uses extension springs or torsion springs, we can fix them when faulty. Our crew has the right tools and expertise to repair or replace your damaged garage door springs. Remember that an attempt to fix a faulty garage door spring can cause serious injury or even damage the door further. That’s why you should call us right away if you suspect that your garage door springs are faulty.

Damaged springs pose a danger to anybody that tries to operate the door. For instance, a broken garage door spring can hit a person that stands close to the door during operation. They can also snap back and damage your vehicle. In a worst-case, a faulty spring can cause a fatal accident and even death. That’s why you should not ignore a faulty garage door spring.

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Our garage door repair specialists are trained professionals with vast hands-on experience. These are individuals with the right tools, equipment, and experience to repair the springs of any garage door. If they realize that your garage door springs are damaged beyond repair, they will recommend their replacement.

We carry springs for different types of garage doors. That means you won’t have trouble finding replacement garage door springs. Our garage door technicians know how different components and parts of your garage door are designed to work. That means they will know the problem with your garage door springs and the best way to fix it.

What’s more, our crew has the right tools and equipment to repair and replace faulty garage door springs. This combined with their skills and experience ensures that nobody will be hurt during the repair process. And, we take all precautionary measures to ensure that your garage door is not damaged further during the repair.

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Call us now to schedule a consultation or repair appointment. Also, feel free to request a free garage spring repair estimate at any time.