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Damaged Garage Roller Repair

Damaged Garage Roller Repair

Do you need quality garage roller repair? If yes, get in touch with the Urban Garage Door Company. Roller garage doors have become increasingly popular in residential properties over the years. These garage doors were all the rage in the 19000. Their installation, operation, and repair are relatively easy. But, these are not the only reasons why many people prefer these garage doors.

Roller garage doors are made from corrugated steel. Their construction can also use corrugated fiberglass. But, these garage doors are not immune to damage. And, rollers are some of the parts that can malfunction in these garage doors. Rollers are the moving parts of a garage door that must work optimally for this structure to function properly.

When broken, rollers can cause further damage to the garage door. They can also cause incorrect functioning of the door or even add stress on the other parts of a door. That’s why you should have your broken garage rollers repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

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Signs that You Need Garage Roller Repair

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether it’s the roller part of the garage door that has a problem. Well, call us to schedule an inspection appointment if unsure whether your garage door rollers need repair or replacement. Our crew will come to your property to inspect the rollers and tell you whether they should be repaired or replaced.

In some cases, simple debris clearing might be all that is required to restore the optimal performance of tracks and rollers. Lubrication can also restore the right performance of your rollers and the entire garage door system. But, you may have a problem that requires immediate fixing for your rollers to work properly.

Here are signs that should prompt you to schedule a consultation or repair appointment with us:

  • Unsmooth closing and opening
  • Incomplete lowering and rising
  • Too loud operation

If you notice any of these signs, your door rollers could have a problem that should be fixed. Our crew is ready to come to your place to inspect and fix your rollers when it’s convenient for you.

Schedule Your Garage Door Roller Inspection or Repair Today!

The Urban Garage Door Company can inspect, repair, or service your garage door rollers at the most convenient time. Unlike belt or chain-driven garage doors, rollers are easy to repair. That means our crew will take a very short time to fix the damage to your garage door rollers. And, if the rollers can’t be repaired, we can replace them.

We carry replacement rollers for all the major brands. And, our replacement garage rollers are of the highest quality. Be confident that you will have your rollers repaired or replaced by the most competent garage door specialists around.

What’s more, our prices are affordable. Our crew is efficient, courteous, and professional. We treat your garage door like our own. We fix faulty rollers without damaging the other parts of the garage door.

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