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Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Scheduling regular garage door maintenance is a great way to avoid the inconveniences of a garage door that doesn’t open or close properly. At the Urban Garage Door Company, we know how frustrating and inconveniencing a faulty garage door can be. As such, we provide regular preventative maintenance for different types of garage doors. Our maintenance service is meant to keep your garage door working properly. We also ensure that your garage door is safe and reliable to use with our regular maintenance.

When performing this maintenance, our crew can identify potential issues and recommend their repairs. If you agree to our terms, we can fix such issues before they escalate or cause further damage to your garage door. Essentially, scheduling a maintenance appointment with us regularly ensures that minor issues are identified and fixed before they become costly repairs.

What’s more, the identification of issues and their repair ensure safety in the use of your garage door. Our technicians perform a thorough inspection to ensure that no part of your garage door is let out.

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Comprehensive Garage Door Maintenance

Our crew knows how every part of your garage door is designed to function. This enables them to highlight abnormities and potential issues with ease. Some of the maintenance practices that our crew performs include:

  • Ensuring balance- Balance is very important when it comes to ensuring the longevity and flawless movement of your garage door. Our technicians check your door balance to ensure that no rails or jambs split. We also make sure that your garage door hardware doesn’t rub the door. What’s more, we lubricate the moving parts to ensure their smooth movement.
  • Hardware Inspection- Our technicians inspect all parts of the garage door during our routine maintenance. This includes checking the hardware for any worn out part. Our crew will also inspect the springs, bearings, torsion tube, cables, rollers, drums, and hinges. If your garage door has damaged parts, we can replace or repair them.

Adjusting and tightening- To ensure safe operation, our crew will adjust and tighten some of the parts of your garage door. Some of the parts that may need adjusting and tightening include fasteners on the opener and the door. What’s more, our crew will check the garage door track for misalignment or bends to ensure that all the safety features are in proper working condition.

Let Experts Maintain Your Garage Door

Our crew is professionally trained and experienced. These are experienced garage door specialists. They know how every part of your garage door is meant to operate. What’s more, they use state-of-the-art equipment to perform different maintenance practices.

We’re a bonded, licensed, and insured garage door company. Our technicians are friendly, professional, honest, and courteous. In every job, we focus on delivering quality services efficiently. Ensuring your ultimate satisfaction is our priority. Be confident that we will perform all maintenance practices on your garage door professionally and efficiently.

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