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Quality Garage Door Cables Repair

Quality Garage Door Cables Repair

Call the Urban Garage Door Company if you need quality garage door cables repair. Cables are an important component of a garage door. They ensure the smooth operation of a garage door. When maintained properly, garage door cables last for many years without the need for repair or replacement.

However, excessive moisture at the base of the garage door, irregular maintenance, and poor track alignment can lead to wear, rusting, and corrosion. This can damage your garage door cables.

When broken, garage door cables can ruin your day. That’s because the garage door might fail to open. And with poor access, your garage can be as good as useless. Nevertheless, our technicians can save your day if you get in touch with us immediately. We offer the most efficient and reliable garage door service. If you have faulty garage door cables, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Best Same-Day Garage Door Cables Repair Service

We know the inconvenience and safety issues that come with broken garage door cables. That’s why we respond swiftly whenever you call us and enlist our service. Our technicians are mobile, efficient, and professional. Using our properly maintained service van, our crew will arrive at your property efficiently and repair your damaged cables. If necessary, our technicians will replace broken cables.

Our crew comprises industry experts. These have repaired and replaced faulty garage door cables for years. They repair faulty cables safely, quickly, and responsibly. Be confident that your garage door will be up and running within minutes of enlisting our service.

Your garage door is heavy and it can be impossible or difficult to operate with damaged cables. Therefore, don’t try to operate a garage door with a damaged cable since it can be a safety hazard. Instead, call us to fix the faulty cables right away.

Signs that You Need Cables Repair

Perhaps, you’re unsure whether your garage door has faulty cables that need repair. Well, there are several signs that you should watch out for.

They include:

  • Loose cables on the door
  • The garage door is no longer sitting level on the floor
  • A garage door that is no longer operating smoothly

A garage door is lifted by two cables. One cable is on the right side and the other on the left side. If any of the two cables snap your garage door, it lifts on the unbroken side. The garage door is usually on a slight angle if this happens for the first time. However, it worsens if you continue to operate the garage door without repairing or replacing the broken cable.

If you suspect that your garage door has a broken cable, get in touch with us. Our crew will be glad to inspect your garage door cables and fix any of them or both if damaged. We use modern tools, equipment, and parts to fix faulty garage door cables. And, safety is always our priority when repairing or replacing garage door cables.

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Contact us now to schedule your garage door cables repair or request a free estimate!