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Same-Day Commercial Garage Door Service

Same-Day Commercial Garage Door Service

A properly functioning garage door is essential for smooth operations at a commercial facility. If this door malfunctions, it can interfere with operations at a commercial facility. What’s more, a faulty commercial garage door may not serve the purpose of providing security. That’s why you may need a commercial garage door service for your property.

At Urban Garage Door Company, we know the importance of a properly functioning garage door. As such, we offer the best same-day garage door service whenever you contact us seeking help with a commercial garage door repair. What’s more, we offer superior installation and maintenance of commercial garage doors.

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Commercial Garage Door Installation

We install all types of commercial garage doors. Since commercial buildings are different, we ensure that our clients get custom garage doors. What’s more, we install commercial garage doors that are engineered for high performance, reliability, and superior strength.

Trust us to install a commercial garage door from a leading brand. Our installation services are reliable, professional, and efficient. And, we install commercial garage doors when it’s convenient for our clients and their businesses.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Perhaps, your commercial garage door is not opening or closing properly. Maybe it is making an unusual noise. In that case, talk to the Urban Garage Door Company. We fix a wide range of garage door problems.

Major among them include:

  • Damaged cables- Worn out or broken cables cause different issues with commercial garage doors. They can hinder the proper opening and closing of garage doors. Our crew can inspect, repair, or replace your damaged garaged door cables.
  • Damaged rollers- Just like cables, garage door rollers can wear out and even come off the door track. Once corroded or damaged, rollers should be replaced or repaired. We can fix the damaged rollers in your commercial garage door.
  • Damaged springs- Rusted or broken torsion springs are common causes of the malfunctions of commercial garage doors. Call us to replace the damaged springs of your commercial garage door.
  • Misaligned tracks- Corroded tracks lose their alignment. This can interfere with the proper opening and closing of a commercial garage door. Luckily, we can fix the misaligned track to restore the proper functioning of your commercial garage door.
  • Damaged panels- Heavy impacts can damage commercial door panels. And this can necessitate repair.

We offer quality repair and leave commercial garage doors functioning properly.

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Commercial Garage

Commercial Garage Door Service and Maintenance

Our crew can perform regular servicing and maintenance of the garage door. This entails the inspection of a garage door with a focus on identifying potential issues. We check the hardware and operation of the garage door to determine if there are issues that should be addressed.

Once you schedule a commercial garage door maintenance and servicing appointment, our crew will check the door for issues like:

  • Improper closing and opening
  • Sagging
  • Tremors or shaking
  • Unusual noise
  • Cracks, chips, dings, worn edges, and loose rubber

Our commercial garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services are offered by highly competent experts with a proven track record of delivering excellence. 

Call us to enlist the best same-day commercial garage door service!